The holistic approach to health and well-being, Ozone Therapy, has seen immense global adoption over time. While still relatively unknown to some individuals, its therapeutic potential has been recognized and appreciated in an increasing number of nations around the globe. So, where exactly can Ozone Therapy be practiced today? Let’s explore the global landscape of Ozone Therapy.


Germany: Germany has long been at the forefront of Ozone Therapy research and application, widely accepted and integrated into their healthcare system.

France: Ozone Therapy is recognized in France and is offered by some healthcare practitioners as an alternative treatment option.

Italy: Italy has a history of using Ozone Therapy in medical practice, particularly for various health conditions.

Bulgaria: Ozone Therapy has gained acceptance in Bulgaria and is used for therapeutic purposes.

Czech Republic: The Czech Republic includes Ozone Therapy in its medical practices, offering it as a complementary treatment.

Middle East:

Israel: Ozone Therapy is practiced in Israel, with some medical professionals incorporating it into their treatment protocols.

Egypt: Ozone Therapy has found its place in the Egyptian medical landscape, where it is utilized for various health concerns.


Thailand: Thailand offers Ozone Therapy as an alternative medical approach, attracting individuals seeking holistic treatments.


Cuba: Ozone Therapy is recognized and practiced in Cuba, where it is available as a medical treatment.

Mexico: Mexico has embraced Ozone Therapy, and it is offered by healthcare providers as part of their treatment options.

United States: While not uniformly recognized across all states, Ozone Therapy is legally practiced in eleven states within the USA. These states have passed legislation allowing individuals to access Ozone Therapy, although regulations and availability may vary.

Eastern Europe:

Romania: Ozone Therapy is practiced in Romania, with healthcare practitioners offering it as a holistic treatment option.

Russia: Russia acknowledges Ozone Therapy as a therapeutic approach, and it is used by some medical professionals.

Expanding Recognition and Availability:

While Ozone Therapy is established in the aforementioned countries, its recognition is gradually expanding to other regions as well. As research and clinical experience continue to demonstrate its potential benefits, more nations are likely to consider including Ozone Therapy as part of their healthcare offerings.

Ozone Therapy regulations vary between countries and regions. Therefore, those interested in Ozone Therapy should seek guidance from qualified healthcare providers and comply with local regulations and standards when making their decisions about Ozone therapy treatments.

Ozone Therapy has rapidly gained widespread recognition and acceptance worldwide, including in Europe, Middle East Asia, and North America. As awareness increases of its many health-promoting potential, Ozone Therapy becomes ever more accessible to individuals seeking holistic and alternative approaches for improving health and well-being.